Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bravo and what makes it unique? BRAVO is a powerful financial instrument that allows you to pay and to receive payments. Bravo is the first on only GPS-based payment App (US & Intl. patent pending) that allows finding a person to pay nearby. It is the simplest way to tip or pay when out of cash from your smart phone without exchanging personal information such as e-mail, telephone or pictures. Bravo is free and available in Android and iOS.

  2. Who can I pay with Bravo? Anybody, it’s your choice. You can pay artists, musicians, service professional, waiter, waitress, bartender, friends, family, valet attendant, barista, maid, concierge, hairdresser and any small merchant or individual with a tap of a finger. You can also donate to your favorite charity, fundraiser or church with Bravo.

  3. How are we different from other payment options? Bravo allows a seamless payment in seconds with a finger tap without exchange of personal information (e-mail or pictures). You don’t need to be friends to be paid. Bravo could be set up with any bank account and the money is deposited automatically into your bank account. No need to claim your money.

  4. How quickly do I get my money? As soon as the credit or debit card settles the payment with your bank. We do not hold your money.

  5. Do I need to always Check In? You should check-in to be found nearby by your customers. If you choose to skip check-in, you can always be found by search of your name or Bravo code.

  6. Can I be found if the nearby is off? Yes, your customers can find you by the search tool.

  7. How can Bravo help me or my business? By increasing the business opportunity. There’s a staggering move towards the use of plastic and electronic transactions for everyday purchases. As counter transactions switch to smart phones, customers no longer have a way to pay small merchants or leave a gratuity. In 2011, 66% of point-of-sale transactions happened with some kind of magnetic stripe card, compared to 27% for cash. As far as gratuities, 20% to 40% of the time, a customer has no cash to pay resulting in loss of business and revenue. Bravo gives everyone the opportunity to pay or get paid.

  8. Why should I use Bravo to pay or give a gratuity? It’s easy and simple. It’s a free app and takes the embarrassment of “no cash to pay or tip” out of the equation.

  9. Why should I use Bravo to receive gratuities? There are many advantages. Our research has shown a significant loss of revenue by missing on tips. There are many reasons including no cash in 20% (overall) to 65% (pizza delivery) of cases or under tipping in up to 37% of cases.

    Another reason is your safety. You don’t have to carry large amounts of cash in the pocket and nobody will run away” (true story) with your cash!

    Bravo is a proven entity: our users have reported seamless functionality and great financial gratification by capturing the missing opportunity of no cash for tips or payments.

  10. Using Bravo is as easy as it sounds: download & launch the application, select the artist, musician, service professional or user to be paid, tap on the amount and pay. Rate them; give them a Bravo for a job well done, as simple as that.

  11. Do I need to create an account to pay or give gratuities? Yes. Then, select the “give money” tab. If you choose to give money (tip or pay), you will be asked to create an account and input or scan your payment information. Then, you will have the option to secure your information for future use or the option to delete all the information for single use.

  12. Do I need to create an account to receive payments or gratuities (service professionals, small merchant, friends, family, barista, musicians, charities, etc.)? Yes. You need to create an account to be able to receive payments.

  13. Can I give and receive payments or gratuities? Absolutely, one app with dual function, to pay and get paid. Just make sure to click “accept payments” under the menu tab to begin accepting payments (tips).

  14. Once my account information is entered why is it greyed out when I go back into account setup? The account status is greyed out while pending approval to receive money. In the meantime, you can use Bravo to pay. Overall, it doesn’t take long for approval, only few minutes. Then, the greyed out will disappear.

  15. Does the customer or service professional know my identity? Only if you allow it, otherwise, you can use your “display name” to protect your privacy or to show your business name or artist stage name. The application and transaction will show your unique display name.

  16. Do I need to create a PIN? You should but this is optional. We do encourage you to add a PIN for an extra layer of protection.

  17. Do I need to add an employer? Not necessarily. It’s up to you and only if associated with a business using BRAVO. You can skip this step, add your business, your employer or choose an available option.

  18. Is there a transaction fee? Not as such. There is no transaction fee but rather a small convenience fee paid by the customer, not the service professional. You get exactly what you get paid.

  19. Why do I have to enter my personal information including SSN? It’s a federal law. Bravo allows you to create a merchant account in few minutes while following strict federal regulations established in 2001. Our processing merchant service and U.S government requires this information to create your account.

  20. Why was my account not approved? We follow a strict approval process and occasionally we need more information to verify the identity. Often times, simple errors like misspellings, wrong zip code or date of birth will affect ID verification. We always advise to review the entered information but at times we might need more information such as a picture of a government issued picture ID.

  21. Is my information private? Yes. Bravo is highly encrypted. In addition, our third party merchant account provider secures and tokenizes all information. We don’t share or sell any information.

  22. How secure is my information? Extremely safe. Beyond bank grade. Data is encrypted, the app has a PIN and no sensitive user data (SSN, bank account or credit card information, etc.) is ever stored on the device or on the Bravo servers.

  23. How do I receive money (service professional, musician, barista or merchant, etc.)? It’s a flawless transaction. During account creation, you sync and assign the funds to your bank account. No need to claim your money from a third party account or “fish out” your money. Rather, we made it very simple; the money goes straight into your bank account. The process might take minutes to few days depending on the credit or debit card and your bank. Typically, takes less than 2-3 days to get your money in your account.

  24. Is my money secure? Yes, we never touch your funds. The funds go from your customer into your bank account. Your money is technically FDIC insured since it goes straight into your bank account.

  25. How long does it take to get the money into my account? As quick as you get paid. However, the turnaround time depends on the credit or debit card and is industry standard. In our experience, it may be few minutes or hours to 2-3 days. The exception is American Express, which may take a little longer. For US merchant accounts, payments generated with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover will typically be deposited into the designated bank account within 2-3 business days of settlement. American Express typically takes 5 business days.

  26. Does Bravo hold taxes? We do not as we are not an employer. However, we can generate a 1099 tax form if requested.

  27. Do I get prove of transaction? Yes. Immediately. Every transaction has a tracking ID which is included in your e-mail receipt and the transaction dashboard in your app. The paying user gets a receipt by e-mail with the amount paid, time and person that got paid.

  28. How is the payment itemized? It’s reported as “payment to Bravo Tip or Pay, LLC” in your statement.

  29. Do I need a smart phone to use Bravo? Not necessarily. You can log by our web responsive page and create an account. You only have to check in and check out on-line by clicking the check-in teal colored bar. You need to activate every 12 hours as otherwise, Bravo checks you out automatically.

  30. Can a customer leave a disrespectful message or comment? We hope this is not the case. Bravo doesn’t support this behavior and strongly believes in a mutual respect policy. We promise we will do our best to address it as soon as you contact us at:

  31. Can I accept all currencies? Yes, we accept 130 different currencies. No matter what country you come from, you can use Bravo. However, for now, Bravo only deposits your money in continental US accounts.

  32. How do I change my information, picture and password? Log in to our web page or phone application and access personal information. You can also contact Bravo Support.

  33. Can I change my Facebook login name? If you logged-in with Facebook and whish to delete and login with your e-mail rather than with Facebook, try deleting your Facebook app permissions from your Facebook application. If you wish to avoid Facebook, but you have already created an account with Facebook, you will have to create another account with your personal e-mail.

  34. My legal bank account name is different from Facebook user name. Is this is a problem? No. In the case of Facebook login, you can still modify your bank account legal name even if different than your Facebook name. Look under menu and update your name.

  35. I have questions about my payments and balance? Contact us at Bravo Support but we also suggest contacting your banking institution.

  36. My credit or debit card transaction didn’t go through. It might be a transaction limits issue but occasionally, your bank (particularly Bank of America Cards) could randomly block a transaction for no particular reason. You could try the transaction a second time; often times the transactions goes through without difficulty. At times, you need to call your bank to allow the transaction.

  37. Can a customer cancel a payment? Once the gratuity is executed, it cannot be cancelled or reversed. If the gratuity was sent by mistake, you can contact Bravo Support.

  38. Can I cancel my BRAVO account or delete my information? Just send us an e-mail. We will take care of it for you, unbravo my account.

  39. I have a new idea I would like to share with Bravo? Please, send us an email titled “New Idea for Bravo” to Bravo New Ideas. All ideas are welcome!

  40. Found a possible glitch? Please contact us immediately. We appreciate your support and take your suggestion seriously.

  41. How do I partner with Bravo? Contact us to discuss at Bravo co-marketing.

  42. Can I talk to the CEO and/or COO? Yes, e-mail us with your information (name and telephone number), question(s) and/or concern(s). We give you 100% guarantee that we will arrange for an e-mail or phone call within a reasonable time.

  43. For any other general questions, send us an e-mail to

Updated May 2016